Now you can get the smile you’ve always wanted by opting for Lumineers by Cerinate. Not only do they give you a gleaming natural looking smile but they’ll also make you look and feel better about yourself.

So what are Lumineers?

Lumineers are whisper-thin shields of porcelain which fit permanently to the front of teeth to make them look more beautiful while at the same time preserving the natural tooth structure. Far thinner than traditional veneers we can use them to reshape your smile and give you a perfect smile makeover which could totally transform your life.

If you’re suffering from discolored teeth, noticeable gaps, misshapen or broken teeth, or permanent stains, then you could benefit from Lumineers and because they’re applied using a revolutionary procedure there’s:

  • no drilling, injections, or pain
  • No removal of sensitive tooth structure
  • plus they’re even suitable for sensitive patients.

Why Cerinate?
Cerinate Lumineers are manufactured at the DenMat laboratory in the USA and consist of a unique patented porcelain which is as thin as a contact lens and yet boasts a strength that is far superior to that of traditional veneers. They’re also highly translucent which enables them to easily replicate the appearance of tooth enamel for a look that is totally natural.

What to expect

Cerinate Lumineers can only be fitted by a Lumineers-certified dentist such as ourselves and take between 2 and 3 visits to the office. The first visit will involve taking an impression in order to create a very accurate model of your teeth and together we’ll also decide on the right shade of white for your Lumineers. Your prints will then be sent to the DenMat lab where your custom veneers will be designed using the latest in CAD/CAM technology for a precision fit. We’ll then arrange a second visit to fit your Lumineers in a procedure which is totally painless and lasts little more than an hour.

Many celebrities have transformed their smiles with Lumineers, but you’d never know. Why not find out more about transforming your smile with Lumineers by taking advantage of our free consultation. You can schedule your consultation online or by phoning us direct on (954) 510-4300. We’ll soon get you smiling!